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Clay Cloth Mitt

$40.00 $55.00

NEW!! Clay Cloth Sovereign



Our 6th Generation Polymer Clay Cloth has arrived! CCC have spent the best part of 2015 developing what we consider is our best performing Polymer Clay Cloth to date.



Our previous Clay Cloth Supreme has been hugely successful with literally thousands being sold globally to detailers, valeters and care enthusiasts. A product which saves time, labour and subsequently costs!



New features include:


New Polymer Clay Compound – Our latest compound provides a combined balance of performance and durability whilst maintaining high quality.

Coverage – The Polymer Clay Compound covers a larger surface area


Superlight – With our revised Polymer Clay Compound comes a newer, lighter weight cloth.

Usability – Our lighter and a slimmer cloth provides a greater feedback experience during the claying process, eliminating over usage in achieving the required result and thus saving more time.

Size - 30cm x 30cm





Clay cloths are a fast and easy way to remove above surface contaminants from your paint and glass. The clay cloth is constructed from a high strength microfibre with one side finished in a high-tech rubber polymer coating that removes surface contaminants, such as paint overspray, bugs, tar, sap, train brake dust and industrial fall out.

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