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Killerwaxx Deluxe Kit


KILLERWAXX DELUXE KIT COMES WITH. 16.oz Purple Glaze Cream Wax 14.oz Killerwaxx Paste Wax 16.oz Crystal Blue Car Wash 16.oz Pin Stripe Pink Detail Spray 16.oz Orange POP Detail spray 16.oz Extreme Window Cleaner 16.oz Pro Shine Vinyl & Rubber dressing 16.oz Killer Shine Metal Polish 16.oz Extremely wet color enhancing polish 16.oz Nanner'z cream wax.


Additional Info:

Paste wax - Killerwaxx paste wax is Grade #1 Brazilian Carnauba wax and is 100% pure. It's the strongest your going to find on the market. It last 6 months where others only last 2 months. It's goes on easy like butter. Let it haze up, then easy off and wipe clean with close to no residue and no hard rubbing like other paste waxes on the market. Your left with a a deep glossy shine. $40.00 Killerwaxx purple glaze cream wax contains 50% Grade #1 Brazilian carnauba wax that is 100% pure, color enhancers, oxidation and swirl marks removers. It's easy on, let it haze up then easy off. Leaves you with a brilliant colorful, deep glossy shine. $15.00 Killerwaxx Pink Pinstripe instant detail spray. Contains 25% Grade #1 Brazilian Carnauba wax that is 100% pure. Color enhancers, paint conditioners. You can turn the bottle upside down and you will see a ring of carnauba wax around the bottom. Just shake up the bottle and your ready to clean you car, truck, bike etc. Works great on paint, chrome, and windows and will not streak. Just spray onto surface and wipe clean. Smells like a piña colada. $15.00 ORANGE POP DETAIL SPRAY. Packed full of Grade 1 Brazilian Carnauba. It contains the most carnauba that we can intergrade without clogging the sprayers. Polymers, Color enhancers, Conditioners. Killerwaxx Extreme Window cleaner is like no other you have tried before. You can spray it on a hot window that is 100+ degrees and it will not evaporate, steam away and will not streak like all others on the market. Contains no alcohol or abrasive chemicals. Spray and wipe clean for a clean and clear window. $15.00 Killerwaxx Pro Finish, rubber and vinyl spray leaves you with a light shine and conditions vinyl and rubber and contains no alcohol like many other products on the market that will dry and crack out your dash, tires etc. It is not greasy. Smells like bananas.$ 20.00 Killerwaxx Killer Shine Metal Polish. This is one of the best metal polishes in the game. It cuts ,cleans, and polishes all metals to a brilliant mirror like shine. Just apply to a polishing ball or micro fiber towel and rub the surface of the metal when the rag turns black you know that the metal polish is doing its job. Then use a micro fiber towel to remove residue and buff out to a brilliant mirror like finish. $20.00 Killerwaxx Crystal blue car soap is a concentrate and is a 150/1 mixing ratio. One cap full will do a five gallon bucket, has a tropical scent. One bottle goes a long ways. Chocked full of conditioners and Carnauba wax to help keep a deep, colorful glossy shine. $15.00 KILLERWAXX NANNER'Z IS A HIGHLY ADVANCED CAR WAX WITH HIGH GRADE INGREDIENTS - NATURAL BANANA OILS, NANO TECH, GRADE 1 CARNAUBA, SYNTHETIC WAX, POLYMERS, UV PROTECTANT, COLOR ENHANCERS, UV PROTECTANT, SEALANTS. $30.00 Killerwaxx Extremely Wet is a mixture of color enhancers and new breakthroughs in car wax technology aka nano tech, polymers, and other special ingredients developed to give you that Wet appearance we all try to archive, for that show car shine. Come on now we can't release all our secrets. You can say it's our secret sauce! $25.00 All of the Killerwaxx products are designed to work with each other and cut down your detailing time and to keep a nice coat of carnauba wax on the surface of your car, truck, bike etc and keep that nice wet glossy look we are always searching for. We always recommend clay baring your vehicle to remove all contaminates and waxes from the clear coat leaving you a clean surface for the carnauba wax to bond with and creat a colorful deep glossy shine.

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